Generational Photography

What is it?

Generational Photography is a type of photography where at least 3 generations of maternal or paternal lineage are in the same photograph together.


The picture above spans 4 generations from age 6 to age 82, with four women on the same side of the family.

Why is it invaluable?

A few years back I found a very old photo of my mother, her mother, her grandmother, and her great grandmother. Two of these women I had never met. I found it fascinating to see four generations of women on my mother’s side together in the same picture, like time had frozen them together for a moment that would last forever. I have found that it is a concept most don’t think about until they see a picture of someone else’s and think “Wow, that is priceless”. Furthermore, with life being hectic, non-stop, and digital, opportunities to visit grandparents and great grandparents has become limited to birthdays and holidays for many families. A generation ago, families came together on Sundays or Friday nights for big family dinners where the whole extended family would attend. These traditions have slowly but surely faded. Generational photography is a not only a fabulous excuse for an extra outing with great grandma, but also a way to cherish having multiple generations alive and together at the same time.


This photo is 3 generations apart and something this young lady will cherish and appreciate so much as an adult.

What makes it unique?

Generational Photography is unlike any other type of photography in that it requires over 3 generations of maternal or paternal lineage to be alive. In many cases, the difference in age between the youngest and the oldest in the shoot is over half a century! It is also intriguing to see the family resemblances between the generations.


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